If you’re carwash tunnel operation includes having customers remain in their vehicles and ride through the washing process, SAFETVEYR offers you a significant competitive edge in a number of ways.

The touch-free moving-floor conveyor provides the easiest way for customers to self-load their vehicles without risk of banging into guide rails… and it eliminates the need for a correlator. Instead, the visual target-landing entry onto their flat-belt design makes everything safe and easy… and the flat floor provides seamless bump-free positioning.

Once on the touch-free moving-floor, customers will glide through the entire washing & drying process enjoying the smoothest ride ever. No rocking… or jolting… or rolling surges. Instead, it’s like taking a magic carpet ride… and feels like floating on air. Whisper-quiet operation allows customers to sit back and enjoy the ride while watching the entire process in their own personal theater in the round.

Operators will appreciate the various space-saving loading methods like SAFE-T-GRIP that eliminates the need to sacrifice 20-feet of building floor space to accommodate a rear-wheel push required by conventional roller & chain conveyors. That savings can increase your ability to wash more cars… cleaner and drier than ever.

And if you want the extra ability to prep vehicles without compromising your production efficacy, our SAFE-T-LAUNCH is tailor-made for your needs. It also provides the highest production capacity due to its variable speed loading.

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